Dr. Stefan Frädrich is a doctor, business economist (IHK), author of over 25 self-help and coaching books, coach, trainer, professional speaker, former host of TV coaching formats and entrepreneur (

His clinical focus was on psychiatry and psychotherapy before he set himself up as a coach in 2002 and since then dedicated himself to several topics and set up companies such as the Leaders Academy ( with 46 locations in Germany and Austria or Greator (, the largest European platform for personal development, which, in addition to numerous online expert programs and seminars, also hosts the annual Greator Festival with over 16,000 visitors. There have already been many international personalities on the Greator stage, the most famous being Tony Robbins, who organizes events together with Greator, and Barack Obama.

Stefan has been using and working with psychedelics since 2021. In his entire career, he has never experienced deeper, more genuine, faster and more lasting transformations.


“Guru of personal development. Stefan stands for revolutionary, progressive and disruptive methods! I'm celebrating you! ”