Philippe is a coach for profound transformation, entrepreneur and a graduate economist and natural scientist. After graduating from high school, he moved to California, where he completed his studies as a “Collegiate Athlete” and then gained work experience in Silicon Valley. Seven years later, his path took him to Cologne, where he has worked as a tech startup founder and as an executive leadership coach ever since.

He helps his clients bring their hearts and minds into harmony and harmony. His approach combines systemic, emotional and trauma-sensitive coaching, respiratory therapy and practices from over 25 years of experience in various teaching disciplines such as martial arts, dance and singing. By developing an increased awareness of physical presence, emotions, intuition and thought, he helps his clients to lead authentically and from the heart.

Since 2020, Philippe has been researching the conscious use of psychedelics and spent almost a year traveling to Mexico and Guatemala to dive deeper into traditional work with herbal medicine and music.


“Thank you, wonderful person. You have literally infected me with your presence and zest for life and reminded me once again what it feels like to feel my playful inner child in every cell of my body. I had suppressed it for years. Now it's woken up again and I'm bursting with creativity and desire again.”