Janos is also a coach at Reality Upgrade. Despite his young age, he already has many years of intensive experience — both accompanying and experiencing psychedelic states himself. He is a trained health care provider with numerous additional training courses such as dealing with challenging behavior or drug-induced psychoses. He has also completed numerous coaching and communication training courses.

In addition to his clear, communicative and hands-on nature, Janos has extensive expertise in the interactions of psychoactive substances and has a special ability: “psychological shadow boxing.” In doing so, he enters the subjective world of psychoses in order to have a de-escalating effect.


“Your humorous and at the same time professionally well-founded manner has always blown me away! Your ability to make complex topics understandable and accessible has meant a great deal not only to me but to all of us. You have a unique gift for imparting knowledge with ease and a smile, which has wonderfully enriched our time together. ”