Pia Isabel

Pia Isabel Rössle-Frädrich is a business psychologist, entrepreneur and renowned psychedelics coach. She founded and operated the holistic retreat center “Chez Zen” in southern France from 2014 to 2021, after which she founded Mexico-retreats.com.

Since 2022, she has been organizing psychedelic retreats all over the world together with her husband Stefan. Since 2014, they have mainly been seeking out entrepreneurs and public figures to initiate life-changing, existential and mystical experiences at quantum pace with the help of psychedelics and profound awareness work.

Pia Isabel's therapeutic horizons are very broad. She works very empathetically and intuitively, eclectically combining methods with behavioral therapy, depth psychology, body therapy and spiritual elements. Her extensive practical experience and ability to engage with a wide range of clients and their topics is very special.

Pia Isabel grew up in Germany and Chile and lives with her daughter in Mallorca, Mexico and Germany. She has spent 17 years modeling internationally and is globally networked.


German: pia_isabel__

English: pia_isabel_int


“There is no job title for what you do and can do! ”

“Thank you for the authentic, radically honest, courageous and likeable way of describing intrapsychic and mental phenomena and the freedom not to have to pathologize every different experience that doctors like to do in order to be able to treat. ”

Dr. med. A. Menninger, psychiatrist with love at heart