Aki has been involved since the beginning of Reality Upgrade — as a guide and organizer of retreats. The trained teacher and sensitive listener is also a personal point of contact for interested parties and participants. Before that, Aki worked as an office manager at Stefan Frädrich's side for over a decade and continues to form a professional team with him today. During this time, from 2012, he was primarily responsible for organizing all events, first at GEDANKENtanken and later at Greator, such as the popular speaker nights with up to 15,000 participants in Cologne's Lanxess Arena, not only setting the stage for Barack Obama in 2019. Aki personally knows the most important German speakers and trainers, coaches participants in the TheKey speaking training course on their way onto the stage and took part in various coaching courses with Greator (including the Life Coach). Before that, he worked in television for many years, where he worked for formats such as Sweetheart, The 100,000 Mark Show or Schlag den Raab worked.


“I was deeply impressed by your work in coaching and the ability to persuade people to open up and have profound conversations. Your ability to create a familiarity that I've personally experienced has been incredibly rewarding and has helped many clients make significant breakthroughs in their answers. ”